Thursday, September 13, 2012


More about 吃飯的事.生活的事
Cover: 吃飯的事.生活的事 
Yay! I bought some books during the 2012 Popular Bookfest recently. The above is one of the books that I bought. I am excited! I have been very very busy lately, especially when Jeremy turns one. I can hardly read anything that is hardcopy as Jeremy boy will be attracted to my book and who knows the next second he will tear them away! 

Anyway, this is real a good book. Well, at least is simple reading. When hubby took a look at it, his first impression was: I am sure this book is full of food and more FOOD! He can't read Chinese and that's why... :) If you have time, if you love food, if you read, please do consider buying this book. 

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