Saturday, December 22, 2012

Panasonic NN-SV30 - New Second Hand

I have been dreaming of this model since many many years ago.Just that, both Edmund and I find it too expensive to get one back then. However, I have decided to get this one because someone sold it online (by luck) at the price of RM1700 compared to the RM2500 RRP. Is NEW, is in the box, unopened, and is still under warranty (extended till 2014) and I get to save RM800. Good Deal isn't it? 

I am amazed by how efficient Japanese is. The design is so trendy and yet easy to use. It is NOT complicated at all. Just follow the blinking light. Sad thing is I couldn't find much recipes using this microwave oven online. I can only refer to the book given and some videos available in Youtube. Rest assure, I will upload my tested recipes using this Microwave Oven online so that you will have no worries when come to buying it and still want to think that is worth the money. 


- Here is a link where you can find a lot of recipes using this Microwave Oven.

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